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August 22, 2014 @ Stagewerx in San Francisco, CA | 8:00pm | TICKETS

August 23, 2014 @ Stagewerx in San Francisco, CA | 8:00pm | TICKETS

We are thrilled to announce our new home with Mission Improv at Stage Werx Theatre! We'll be performing the fourth weekend, every other month, starting April 25th.

The Five Deadly Improvisers bring a fully improvised Kung-Fu film to life. From the classic films of the Shaw Brothers, to the exciting new films coming out of Hong Kong today, our show is a serious evocation of the genre and not a parody. None of the fighting is choreographed and nothing is planned. Once a title from the audience is taken, the fighting begins! Our show is very physical, and dynamic environments bring the show to life. We endeavor to honor the genre, which doesn't always lead to funny situations. Instead our shows can have a tone that's much more dramatic.

The venue that the Five Deadly Improvisers debuted at was the 2011 BATS Improv competitive run of improv shows called Cave Match. The ensemble met with praise and accolades. The Five Deadly Improvisers went on to perform four shows, winning three weeks in a row.

Since then, The Five Deadly Improvisers have continued to bring their unique show to audiences across the nation, including the San Francisco Improv Festival (2012), Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (2012 & 2013), the Seattle Festival of Improvised Theatre (2013 & 2014), the Atlanta Black Box Comedy Festival (2012), the BATS Summer Improv Festival (2012), and Improvaganza - Hawaii's Improv Festival (2013). We look forward to taking the stage again and taking new audiences on a thrilling ride into the world of epic Kung-Fu movies.

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